Fun Storage Ideas For Custom Kitchen Cabinets

When you have the opportunity to build a brand new house or renovate your entire kitchen, the possibilities are endless. Especially if you are a cook (or a busy mom who spends a lot of time in the kitchen), it's important to create a functional space that works for your needs. When customizing your kitchen, add handy spaces in your cabinetry plan to hold specific items and make your life easier. Here are a few ideas to help you come up with a truly great custom cabinetry plan.

Pull-Out Shelves

You may be tired of searching for an ingredient in the back of your deep shelving. Or, worse, forgetting food is there and letting it go to waste. Eliminate the problem by designing pull-out shelving in your food storage area. You'll be able to reach the furthest back food items in a pinch, saving you frustration, time, and money.

Hidden Trash Compartment

Take the opportunity to design a custom pull-out spot for trash in your lower cabinets. Make space for two bins: one to hold trash and another for recycling. You'll hide the unsightly bins, save space in your floor plan, and trap bad smells to boot. 

Small Appliance Storage

Once you've got the trash can tamed, go after small appliances. Items like mixers, toasters, and blenders can really take up a lot of precious counter space. Tuck them conveniently away in a cabinet on the counter. You won't have to stoop down below to find a frequently used item, but it will be put away when you need space to bake cookies or cut vegetables. 

Plasticware Taming

Now's your chance to do something about all that mismatched plasticware that you throw into a drawer. Create sectioned off spaces in a deep drawer to organise those varied lids and bottoms. Your drawer will stay in tip-top shape, and you'll be able to find the right size for your immediate needs faster.

Secret Storage Panel

If you tend to gather in the kitchen right after walking in the door, make a space that will hold everyday necessities, like keys, pens, and notepads. You can create a custom hidden panel on the side of your cabinets nearest to the door. The panel can open up to show hooks and holders for keys, pens, a post-it pad, and important phone numbers.

When you have the luxury of designing your own kitchen, make the best use of cabinet space with these helpful customization ideas. For more ideas and information, check out local professionals that offer kitchen cabinets in Burlington.